How Well Do You Know Your Garage Door?

If you’re a homeowner with a garage, the concept is pretty simple. Press button to open the door, press button again to close it- right? Often homeowners don’t pay much attention to the garage door and all the parts that go along with it… that is, until there is an issue.

Knowing the general parts on your garage door could be very helpful (and save you money). when or if there is an issue preventing your door from working – whether it’s easily replacing a part yourself, or letting a garage door professional know what most likely is the root of the problem over a consultation phone call.

So, if you own a home with a garage and are not sure what each part is, no worries. Our team of garage door repair experts put together this quick guide to help.

What Are the Main Parts of a Garage Door System?

You don’t have to be a garage door specialist to know the main working parts of your garage door – here are the basics:

  • The operator contains the motor which operates the lifting system. The signal sent from a switch, remote or keypad tells the operator what to do.
  • Torsion or extension springs do most of the heavy lifting. Garage doors weigh a lot, and springs make the doors move much more easily. Springs are kept in place by tubes. The springs are hazardous and should only be replaced by a professional. With regular use, springs can last from eight to ten years.
  • Drums are basically pulley wheels at the end of the tube shaft. The metal cables which lift the door move when the drum rotates.
  • The rollers on the sides of the garage door run in tracks when the lifting mechanism is activated. The track keeps the door where it is supposed to be. Weather seals are also fastened to the sides of the doors; They keep the elements out of your garage and provide insulation.
  • Hinges connect the sections of the door. They allow the door to fold as the door rises or descends on the tracks. Brackets fasten the cables and rollers to the sides of the door.
  • Safety eyes are placed facing each other on both sides on the bottom of the door’s opening. If anything breaks their connection, the door stops moving immediately. For instance, a child might run through the door towards the yard but not realize that the door is closing. When the child breaks the connection of the safety eyes by running through, the door stops. There is also an emergency cord on the operator, which stops the motor when it is pulled.

What Are Some Reasons Your Door Won’t Work?

Even with regular maintenance, such as lubricating the moving parts, your garage door will likely need repairs at some point.

Common garage door issues and causes are:

  • The door doesn’t close – worn motor parts or safety eyes may be the cause.
  • The door doesn’t open – faulty electronics or springs are probably the culprits.
  • The door is out of line – the cables are most likely loose.

Do You Need Service?

When it comes to fixing a garage door, one option is always the safest bet, and that is to contact a garage door professional.

Bayside Garage Doors has years of experience and a friendly and knowledgeable team to help you with your garage door needs – from custom overhead door sales and installation, to comprehensive service repair and replacement of components.

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