The 7 Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner With A Garage Should Know

You may not think about your garage door often, but it truly is a big part of your home investment – after all, it gets used quite frequently and is heavily depended upon. Because of it’s heavy use, it’s essential to keep it in good working condition, so that it lasts for years to come.

All overhead doors need routine maintenance to perform well. When it comes to your garage door specifically, some parts should be checked regularly, especially if you hear odd sounds or noises emanating from the door as it opens or closes. It’s also important to make sure the operating system is well-maintained, so that you’re not left with a stuck door before a busy morning commute or after a long day’s work…or worse risk the safety of those in your home.

Not quite sure what steps to take when it comes to maintaining your garage door? No problem. Our garage door repair team put together these simple steps you can take, in order to keep your garage door in tip-top shape.

1. Maintain the Safety Features

Garage doors have mechanical and photocell safety features that stop the door from crushing anything that crosses the threshold while the door is moving. Place an object, such as a piece of wood or brick, underneath the door while it closes to check that the safety mechanisms are working correctly. Carefully use your leg to see if the strip on the door detects movement and reverses course automatically.

2. Keep the Balance

Check the counterbalancing on your door regularly. You can do this by using the release handle to open the door halfway. If the door moves from its position, it isn’t balanced. Call for professional help to have the hardware checked.

3. Check the Rollers

Maintain the condition of your rollers. If you notice cracks in the metal or that a wheel’s shape is warped, contact a service professional for replacements. New rollers can make a garage door operate like new again and save on costly repairs.

4. Clear the Debris

Loud noises or grinding from the rollers indicate something is not functioning well on a garage door. Rollers impeded by debris can throw off the balance, damage the rollers and damage the mechanical system. Do a quick check to be sure the tracks are free of debris, so that rollers work smoothly.

5. Check the Cables

High-tension cables operate the garage door lift system. These lines wear over time and snap under the right conditions and could lead to serious injury. If you notice worn cables, have them replaced immediately by a professional garage door team.

6. Replace the Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is an easy-to-replace item and ensures your door is guarded against all types of inclement weather conditions – especially during hurricane season. New weatherstrips will keep your garage dry and protect the door’s components.

7. It’s All in the Looks

Rule of thumb, if you see anything visually unappealing, weather it be rusting, dirt or dent – do the proper upkeep to making it look good. That means, making sure it’s clean and touched up as needed. The look of your door goes a long way – it could prevent you from having to replace your door altogether – plus helps with your home’s curb appeal.

Get Professional Help for Repairs

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