Is Your Garage Door Ready for a Florida Hurricane?

Face it. Hurricanes are no fun – especially when you’re a homeowner. It’s one of the only unfortunate realities Florida residents have to face. Fortunately… typically, it’s more about the anticipation and build-up of whether or not you will get hit with the eye of the storm or not. 

The best thing you can do is to prepare for the worst, but hope for minimal impact. And it all starts with the exterior of your home – we’re talking specifically about your garage door

So, whether you’ve faced a hurricane in the past or are concerned with the possibility of one in the future, we’re here to help, and give you tips on how to protect your garage door from serious wind and water damage. 

Is Your Garage Door Ready for Hurricane Strength Winds?

A major hurricane can shake your home with winds over 150 miles per hour. Many garage doors aren’t prepared for these high-wind conditions, so they may be blown off the tracks, blown open or otherwise compromised.

Here are the most common issues with garage doors that aren’t rated for hurricanes:

  • Thin material 
  • Lack of reinforcement
  • Lightweight tracks and brackets

If you don’t know your garage door wind load and test load, it may not be ready to withstand hurricane strength winds. A blown-out garage door allows high winds and moisture to damage your garage, including anything inside. If you have an attached garage, this could result in flooding and serious water damage throughout your home.

Ask your local garage door expert about state and local codes. Don’t order a new garage door without ensuring that it follows all the local zoning regulations and codes regarding wind load rating. These regulations are put in place to ensure that homes in your area are protected from common levels of high winds and rain.

How To Storm-Proof Your Garage Door

Work with a professional garage door expert in Florida, like Bayside Garage Doors, to protect your garage from a hurricane. At Bayside Garage Doors, we carefully inspect your existing door to determine whether you’re prepared for a hurricane.

If not, we can prepare your garage in two ways: retrofitting your existing door or installing a new one. A garage door retrofit is only available for certain garage doors. We upgrade the brackets and install additional braces to protect your door from high winds and negative pressure issues.

Older doors, particularly wooden ones, may not be able to be properly retrofitted. In that case, we offer complete installation services for a brand-new, storm-ready garage door. These doors come in all the existing door sizes, so you won’t have to alter your garage to protect your door.

Request a Hurricane-Proof Garage Door Today

Why take any unnecessary cost risks when it comes to hurricane damage? Contact us at Bayside Garage Doors to schedule an inspection of your existing door. Discuss your hurricane-ready options and see how we offer affordable, reliable doors for your home in the Tampa and extended areas.

Don’t let high winds and hurricane warnings damage your garage door and allow water to enter your garage, but enjoy the protection that comes from professional solutions. Call our garage door experts at (813) 433-7395 today!