Garage Door Size Matters

Whether you’re looking to replace your garage door to increase the value of your home’s curb appeal, defend your home and vehicle against hurricanes, replace an old worn out door, or building a new garage – you’ll find your options are endless.

Your garage door choices range from style and color, to material and purpose – but first things first, you need to determine what size and quantity you want or need. Not quite sure where to begin? No problem. Our team put together this quick overview, so you can have confidence when shopping doors or working with garage door professionals.

Typical Garage Door Dimensions

While two-car and three-car garages are becoming more popular, the majority of doors are either single or double. The dimensions can vary, so some garages are also described as one and 1/2 car units. Here are the basic lengths of garage doors:

  •  Small doors: 12 feet
  •  Standard doors: 16 feet
  •  Large doors: 20 feet
  •  Three-car garage doors: range from 32, to 40 feet

These dimensions are part of a range, so you could have a 14-foot garage door or other dimension. The standard height of a door is 7 feet.

Compare Double vs. Single Garage Doors

Your two-car garage can use either a double door or two single-sized garage doors. There are two factors to consider when comparing these two options: convenience and style.

Depending on how you use your garage, it’s typically more convenient to have two separate doors for your two garage stalls. Other than the additional opener, you’ll pay roughly the same for both options, but two doors allows you to keep one closed while you come in and out of the other stall. This prevents losing hot air in the winter or cool air in the summer.

In terms of style, most homeowners prefer the look of two matched doors. This is a matter of personal opinion, so consider both options – and it never hurts to ask your garage door installation company if they have any specials on double door packages.

Additional Door Options

Your garage can protect more than just your vehicles. Recreational vehicles, boats, motorhomes and commercial vehicles won’t fit in a standard garage. For these large vehicles, you need a garage and door that’s taller and longer.

Work with your local team to find the ideal door dimensions or create a custom door that’s best for you. Typically, these large vehicles need a door between 10 and 16 feet tall. The length can be between 20 and 45 feet.

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