Kathy Grimsley

We had a fairly new garage door opener that was giving us nothing but grief. Finally we couldn’t take it anymore so on a Sat. we decided to call Bayside. We left a message, but thinking their weekends were for emergencies we really didn’t expect a return call until Monday. To our surprise we received a return call from Audrel that afternoon and were able to get an appointment for Tues. Richie arrived within the time frame given. He was the first person who has ever explained what he was doing or why he was doing it….for his examination of our garage door first. We learned information that we had never known. We told him what type of garage door opener we wanted and he went over everything with us before and after the install. It is so nice to finally be able to open our garage door from our cars. Richie was great and we will be using Bayside in the future for all our garage door needs.