Jennifer Erwin

Around Feb 1 I had Richie with Bayside Garage Doors come out and install my new insulated and automatic garage door and opener.  Him and his partner did the work quickly, and they were very professional.  They were a little late that day but Richie had called me ahead of time to let me know what had happened.  I work from home so this was not an issue with me.  When they did get there they immediately got to work.  When they were done he pointed out the seal around the door was starting to go bad and he could replace it for me.  Since I was very happy with the new door, I agreed to let him do the seal and we scheduled another time for him to come out.  We did have a bit of a snafu with the inspector when they came out for the final inspection but Richie did get it taken care of within a few days and when he came out to do the seal he addressed the issue that the inspector brought up.  When the inspector showed up again for the second final inspection, everything was good to go. 
I really appreciated the job that Richie did and I LOVE my new garage door!  I would DEFINITELY hire Bayside Garage Doors again and have started recommending them to my friends.