Reasons to Add a Garage Door Camera

These days, you see security cameras everywhere you go. From shopping malls to gas stations, they provide great peace of mind by ensuring your activity is being monitored. For your home, a security camera strategically placed at your front door is a great way to track the arrival of packages, but have you considered a security camera for your garage? Today, garage door openers go way beyond the simple door opening and closing. Modern technology offers openers with a built-in camera to effectively monitor the activities going in and out of your garage and provide many security benefits.

Monitor Arrivals and Departures

A fantastic benefit to owning a garage door camera with intelligent technology is gaining the ability to see who is coming and going. A simple check of your recordings can allow you to observe daily activities. For example, if you have teenagers who travel to school on their bicycles, you can view the monitor to be sure the bikes are back in their place after they return home.

Keep Tabs on a Vulnerable Space

Whether you have an attached garage or one separate from your home, monitoring any activity in the space can be challenging. Your garage contains many items of value, and a security camera is an excellent way to assure you that your items are safe and secure.

Allow Night Vision

There may be times during the evening when activity may occur in or around your garage after the sun goes down. A key advantage to a security camera in your garage is there is no need to go out in the dark to see what is happening in the space. You can use your smartphone or tablet to view the activity from the safety and comfort of your home.

Control Remotely

One of the best features of a remote garage door opener with a security camera is the allowance to control it from anywhere. For instance, if you are at work and are wondering if your garage is secure, a simple check on your smartphone or tablet will allow you to check the door in no time. It is also great for deliveries. After receiving a package notification, have the driver leave your items in the garage and close the door afterward to keep your items secure.

Alert Changes in Activity

Another advantage of owning a security camera in your garage is gaining an alert instantly on your smartphone when there is activity. Immediately, you will know when someone enters or exits the garage wherever you are. This feature gives you a tremendous advantage against unwanted intruders who may try to access your garage while you are away. Having instant alerts of any activity will provide the security necessary to know your property and family are safe, whether at home or away.

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