Open and Shut Case: How To Manually Release Your Garage Door

It’s another Monday morning and you’re running late. You rush into your garage and tap the button to open your garage door and the door does not move – frustrating, right?

While losing the convenience of your garage door opener is annoying, it need not provoke long delays or loud invectives. Well, it’s easy to say that when you’re not the one dealing with the garage door problem at hand. Don’t stress. Our team of garage door repair experts are here to help!

Whether you are dealing with a power outage or a unit malfunction, a few simple steps will keep your door in service and maintain your garage’s security.

How to Release and Manually Open Your Garage Door

Here are a few steps that release most modern-made garage doors, that you can try, before you pick up the phone to call a garage door repair company:

  • Clear the Door Opening: If your door is not fully closed, make sure that no people, pets or objects are in the door’s pathway.
  • Disengage Your Automatic Locks: If your door includes automatic deadbolt locks, push the locks’ release levers to disengage the bolts.
  • Pull the Emergency Release Cord: You’ll find the emergency release cord hanging from an angled arm centered above the top of your garage door. On modern units, this cord is typically bright in color and has a handle. If the handle is difficult to reach, put a step stool underneath the assembly. Simply pull the cord down and away from your garage door. This action releases the door from the trolley and engages the lockout mode.
  • Operate Your Garage Door: With lockout mode engaged, you can manually raise and lower your garage door as often as necessary.
  • Disengage Lockout Mode: With the door lowered, gently pull straight down on the emergency cord. Release the cord to reconnect the door with the opener’s trolley.

How to Maintain Security With an Inoperable Opener

With your unit in lockout mode, you can raise and lower the door manually. Unfortunately, anyone else can also open your garage door with equal ease. Until you regain the use of your opener, you can take these steps to enhance your garage’s security:

  • When You Leave Home: Disengage the lockout mode before manually lowering your door. Fully down, the door will reconnect with the trolley and prevent unauthorized openings.
  • Upon Returning Home: Enter your house and make your way into your garage. Reengage lockout mode with a down-and-back tug on the emergency cord, raise the door and park your vehicle. Lower the door and resecure your garage with a downward pull of the cord.

Time To Call The Garage Door Experts? 

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