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How to Know When to Repair vs. Replace Your Garage Door

Your existing garage door has served its structure well. It is, however, showing signs of wear and tear. Before replacing it, stop to think if it can be repaired instead. Does the garage door still have some life in it, or will you need an entirely new door altogether?

Knowing when to repair and when to replace a garage door is a skill that will help you as a homeowner. After all, the idea is to lower your expenses as much as possible, right? By being able to distinguish the difference between a repair and a replacement, you’ll save yourself time and money by getting the job done right.

It’s Time to Repair the Garage Door

If your garage door isn’t raising or lowering, it could be due to a mechanical malfunction. In these cases, a simple repair is needed. Rather than replace the door, the transmitter, keypad, circuit board, wall button, rpm sensor or photo eye is repaired or replaced which reduces the overall cost of the job.

Here is how you know it’s time to repair your garage door:

  • It no longer opens or closes easily. There are a number of things that can cause this problem. For example, it may due to faulty wiring or a misaligned sensor. You may even have something getting caught in the door. The best thing to do is look to see if there is an obstruction and removing it immediately to prevent further issues with the garage door. If it still isn’t doing what it needs to do, it’s time to call a professional to take a look at it.
  • It takes a long time to open or close. You might have a problem with the opener itself and not the door if you experience this issue. See how long it takes to respond to your command. Replace the batteries in your opener, and if it still gives you trouble, call a repair service.
  • It makes a lot of sound when you raise or lower it. Loose hardware or even the garage door opener itself could need repair. You’ll hear a sound that isn’t normal and want to get it taken care of right away so it doesn’t worsen.
  • The door is coming off its tracks. You can visibly see the problem when you stand inside or outside the garage. You’re likely missing a part that needs replacement. Calling a repair technician is the best way to approach the situation because they have the tools needed to get the job done right.
  • Parts of the garage door sag. Again, this is an issue you can see with your eyes. There are parts of the door that no longer are flush. They sag and need repair.

Any of these scenarios can be easily remedied by a garage door repair company.

It’s Time to Replace the Garage Door

There are times when a garage door cannot be repaired. If it has been driven through or damaged significantly, it must be replaced. You have no other option than to have another garage door installed.

Here is how you know it’s time to replace your garage door:

  • There is visible damage. The door has cracks and holes in it. It has big spaces where animals can climb in, water seeps in or people can enter the garage easily while you’re away. A damaged garage door can compromise the safety of the structure. It needs to be taken care of right away.
  • It’s wasting a lot of energy. You find that you’re paying more in electrical costs than normal. The spaces caused by an old garage door may let the heat out. It could possibly not close properly, either. The insulation might be failing which means it’s time to look into getting a new door altogether.
  • It makes so much noise and a repair doesn’t stop it. A noise indicates a bigger problem in some cases. It’s usually taken care of with a quick and easy repair. In the event that it isn’t, it could be time to replace the door. Otherwise, you’re stuck listening to that sound for a really long time.

In the best cases, a simple repair does the trick. In the most extreme cases, however, a new garage door is advisable. If you can’t take care of the problem with a simple repair, it’s time to make a financial investment in your home by removing the old door once and for all.

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Repair or replace your garage door with ease. It’s time to upgrade yours anyway. Now that you know what type of options exist, you’ll be able to make the decision to repair or replace your garage door with confidence. Bayside Garage Doors is available to help you make a final decision.