How Can Your Garage Save Energy?

Your garage can present a big challenge for energy efficiency, from air leaks to inefficient fixtures and equipment. Improvements that can make your garage more energy efficient are straightforward and fall into a few categories.

Get Insulated

Insulation is the MVP for preventing heat or cooling loss all over your home, so it’s no surprise that it plays a starring role in making your garage more efficient. Insulating your garage’s basic structure (ceiling and walls) is a natural first step to prevent costly leaks, not to mention making your garage a more comfortable workspace no matter the season. You can also look into DIY insulation kits that allow you to add fiberglass or foam insulation to your pre-existing garage door. While you may not get the same results as you would by hiring a professional or replacing the door, these kits are an affordable way to get a boost in your door’s efficiency.

Small Repairs

Catching up on small repairs can save energy if worn or damaged garage elements are allowing air to leak out or in. Look for cracks, openings or gaps that can be filled with caulk or expanding foam sealant. Any place where a hole has been made in the wall, from windows to electrical outlets, is a possible source of leaks and thus energy loss. If you have an uninsulated garage door, and replacing or insulating it is not on the agenda, you should at least do what you can to address obvious air leaks. Repair broken or bent door corners and edges, and make sure you have quality weather stripping along the bottom to block drafts.

Smart Replacements

Replacing energy-wasting garage elements will make the biggest impact in energy savings. Replacing an uninsulated garage door with an insulated one and installing double-pane garage windows will help seal your garage’s heat envelope. Replacing inefficient fixtures & small appliances is an even easier way to capture some energy savings. If your garage is also your workshop, you may use fans or heaters to keep yourself more comfortable while you work. If these are older, energy-sucking appliances, you can swap them out for newer models that are higher-efficiency. Don’t forget the fixtures on the outside of your garage. Good quality solar-powered security lights have been available for years.

With some thought and a few wise investments, you can prevent your garage from being a huge source of wasted energy. Reach out to the experts at Bayside Garage Door online or by phone at (813) 433-7395  for more practical advice on repairs and improvements that can give you more of a garage that works for you and the planet.