Beat The Heat: 5 Ways Florida Summers Are Hard On Garage Doors

The garage door is not something most homeowners think about as long as it opens and closes correctly. However, it is important to keep an eye out for signs of a developing problem, especially during periods of extreme temperatures – and we’re talking about our hot, hot Summers here in the sunshine state.

A malfunctioning garage door is a nuisance at best and a safety hazard at worst. The following are five ways garage doors can be adversely affected by summer weather.

1. Overheating

The most obvious example of a negative effect of extreme heat is, well, overheating. The motor that opens and closes the door is electrical, and like all electrical items, it can become overheated and stop working.

After the motor has cooled for about a half hour, the door should resume normal function. If the overheating was extreme and you saw smoke, don’t use the door again until it has been inspected by a garage door professional. The damage caused by the smoke and high temperatures is likely severe, and it may not be safe to use.

2. Expansion

The extreme heat that Florida has to offer, can cause materials to expand. This means that everything from the panels on the door, to the springs responsible for lifting, can expand as temperatures rise. If they expand too much or too frequently, screws can come loose, the door can become unbalanced and a variety of other garage door issues can occur.

3. Lubricant Breakdown

Not all lubricants are able to withstand high temperatures and humidity. Look for a special lubricant that is appropriate for the Florida hot Summers, and apply it before the temperatures get too high.

4. Warping and Rotting

When it comes to high humidity levels in Florida, your wooden garage door is at risk of becoming misshapen or suffering water damage. Apply a weather-resistant coating to prevent this from happening. Metal doors are not at risk from high humidity.

5. Sensor Malfunction

Summer sunlight can cause problems for the sensors that control the garage door. The sensor is responsible for preventing the door from closing if there is an object, such as a child or pet, in the way. Intense sunlight can prevent the sensor from detecting obstructions and allow the door to close. Or, much less dangerously, sunlight can cause the sensor to detect obstructions that are not present and keep the door from closing. Keep the sensor in the shade to help it work properly.

Time To Call The Professionals? 

Any garage door malfunction should be checked out quickly to prevent serious damage to the door, vehicles or occupants of the home. If you detect any issues with your home’s garage door, contact Bayside Garage Doors to schedule an appointment to repair or replace it.

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