9 Ways To Add Security To Your Garage Door

Keeping your home safe and secure doesn’t only include securing the front and back door. Garage doors are often overlooked and are a prime entryway for unwanted guests. 

Want to increase your garage’s entry point safety measures, but not sure where to start? No problem. Our team of garage door experts are here to help.

To best safeguard your home, here are our top 9 ways to increase security when it comes to your garage.  

Add A Secure Garage Door Opener System 

If you already have a garage door opener system, make sure it is up to date with security features. If your opener and remote are more than 15 years old – it’s definitely time for a replacement, as certain requirements in openers have been made since then.

Add or Update Your Garage Security System 

If your garage door doesn’t already have a security system, consider adding a Smart system that will alert you when doors or windows have been opened or tampered with, even when you aren’t home. 

Add Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting 

Adding outdoor motions sensor lighting will help deter thieves who work best in the dark of night. Giant floodlights that put the spotlight on nefarious activities often run off burglars before they can make their way inside your garage. 

Add Security Cameras With Motion Alerts 

Thanks to the floodlights, if you add security cameras, you’ll have an excellent view of the suspect who was trying to break into your garage. Be sure to send any evidence to the police to help you and your neighbors proactively. It is likely that your burglar has hit other neighborhoods and is wanted elsewhere. 

Add Double-Paned Tempered Glass 

Smash-and-grab hits on garages are common because no one is inside the garage sleeping to hear the shatter and wake up. Installing extra strong glass in your garage doors is essential to prevent an elbow or a garden rock from making its way in through your door window. This approach might not stop the most dedicated burglars, but it will slow them down in the process, and may take too long for their comfort zone to stay for something that takes more effort. 

Add Frosted or Patterned Film to Glass 

You need light in your garage to see your workspace and for general safety. Blacking out the windows isn’t the best idea. Using a frosted or patterned glass film to your windows will help conceal what is in your garage without obstructing natural light. 

Add Internal Locks to Doors and Valuables 

There’s probably no way you can move your prized tools into another part of the house. To protect them from sticky fingers, be sure to lock up any valuables inside the locked garage. 

Add Neighborhood Watch Members 

You are your neighbors best asset against theft and vice versa. Communicate with your neighbors when you will be out of town so that they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity at your home. If you do the same for them, the whole neighborhood has an excellent anti-theft system in place. 

Install A Secure Garage Door

Installing a strong and secure garage door is always a great choice when it comes to creating safety in your home. More importantly, choosing the right garage door installation company is key. Do some research on local reputable companies. 

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