5 Best Storage Ideas For An Uncluttered Garage

It’s easy to let the garage become cluttered. Between the seasonal decor, tools, bicycles, and gardening implements, it’s a lot to store and keep looking nice. If you want to store things in the garage but still have space for the car, to store your boat, or to work on a rainy day, all you need are these simple storage solutions.

1. Shelves

Shelves are always an excellent idea. They fit nicely on the sides of the garage and can hold a lot of weight when installed properly. They’re great for storage bins, tool boxes, plastic baskets of sports equipment or bags of fertilizer or soil.

If you own your home, consider wall-mounted shelving as a permanent solution that is also safer. However, even if you are renting, there are great freestanding shelving options you can use. If you do, choose metal over other materials, as it is stronger and will last longer.

2. Bins

When choosing storage for your belongings, consider plastic bins or baskets instead of cardboard boxes. A plastic container will protect your things better. Try choosing transparent ones to have a quick view of what’s stored inside.

3. Pegboards

Pegboards are a fantastic addition to any garage because they are completely customizable. You can use them to hang and organize tools you use often so they are within easy reach. You can even hang smaller containers on pegboards to hold screws, bolts, and nails and keep everything looking neat. Larger pegboards can hold rakes, brooms, leaf blowers and hoses. Some are strong enough to hold bicycles and other sports equipment.

4. Track Systems

Another great option for larger items is a track system. You can use various attachments to hang tons of different tools, including bikes, ladders, bins, weedwhackers and other large or awkwardly shaped items.

5. Overhead Storage

Installing an overhead storage system is suitable for bins of Christmas decorations or things you don’t use as often. Having them overhead means they won’t take up much-needed space down below. Your garage only has so much space, so why not use vertical space? Some overhead racks also have hooks on the bottom to hang bicycles, strollers, or other large items.

Benefits of an Organized Garage

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much easier things are to find when you have an organized garage. By implementing just one or two of these storage ideas, you will have more space to work or store things, have an easier time finding what you need, and not have to worry about clutter. They can also help you keep your garage space cleaner and avoid visits from unwanted pests like mice or spiders. The more you keep up your garage, the less likely these pests will come and stay.

Get Organized

Think about what storage solutions will work best in your garage and what items you’d like to store there. Then choose where to start. You don’t have to do it all at once, but once you start, it may be hard to stop! Good storage and a properly working garage door will keep you organized this year. If you need your garage door installed, changed or repaired, contact us at (813) 433-7395 for a quote today.