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Ways to Make Your Garage Door Stand Out in Your Neighborhood

Among the many options available to improve the look and appearance of the home, improving the garage structurally and aesthetically is often the way to go. It gives you a chance to make your entire property shine because it gives the garage and home a unified look. If you’re hoping to sell your house and think that putting in a new garage door helps increase the value of home, you’re right. Any significant improvements you make work well to increase interest in the property you’re trying to sell.

Different Styles to Meet Different Needs and Different Houses

Your neighborhood is full of different houses. They range in size, décor, rooms, and even yards. You may have a home that looks completely different than your neighbors’. Consider this a blessing as a house is every bit as unique as its owner.

Here are some ways to make your garage door stand out in your neighborhood:

  • Choose Windowpanes. Windows help break up the boxy look of traditional garage doors. It’s a great way to let the sun in, too, if you choose to work inside the garage. Windows are a way to reduce energy costs as you can use the heat from the sun to warm the space when the weather is cooler.
  • Opt for Horizontal Relief Patterns. It helps create visual interest by offering a line for the eye to follow. It’s far more interesting than a traditional garage door. It also fits the look of many of the homes that it shares space with.
  • Use Vertical Lines to Create Visual Interest. Just like horizontal relief patterns, vertical lines give the eyes something to zoom in on. People will see how attractive your garage door is as well as how well it matches the rest of your property. When trying to create curb appeal, it’s best to choose options give the appearance of depth, dimension, and even texture.
  • Install Barn Door Style Cross Beams. You can achieve any look you want to by selecting the right door. There are modern options that exist outside of aluminum. You can choose wood and opt to have it painted to look like a barn door. This makes the space much more special than a typical garage. In fact, you may not even use it for your vehicles. You may choose instead to treat it like an extension of your home by utilizing it as an entertainment area or art studio.
  • Use Color. A little color goes a long way in making a garage door stand out. Choose one that complements the home. You can create contrast by using a lighter or darker color than the one you have on your garage already. Think about extending the look of your home to the garage and find new colors that allow you to express yourself and your unique personality.
  • Accessorize with details. If you opt to have a carriage house style garage door, you can add details such as patterned hinges and even multi-pane windows. You can use potted plants to draw interest to that area of the property and to even make smaller spaces look bigger than they really are. If you want to use a trellis, you can do it to soften the area and make it look warm and comfortable. The DIY Network offers suggestions as to which plants are the best for easy landscaping. The fifteen varieties selected are low-maintenance. They are Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree, Jules Verne Peony, Winter King Hawthorn, Variegated Ribbon Grass, Burgundy Carousel Japanese Barberry, Elijah Blue Fescue, Thornless Common Honeylocust, Grey Owl Juniper, and more. Stonework on the walls outside the garage door also work well. Anything that creates a sense of texture is nice. Stamped concrete is an option that doesn’t cost a lot but delivers favorable results.

There are a number of things you can do to make your garage door different than others in the neighborhood. You’ll enjoy being the home that people stop and admire every time they pass it. How the door looks is every bit as important as the functionality of the product.

The Right Company for the Job is Bayside Garage Doors

When you decide to add a new garage door to your garage, Bayside Garage Doors will install it for you. We offer a number of different door types including carriage house style and wrought iron. We also offer steel, wood, and wood composite for you to choose from.

This ensures that you get the exact aesthetic and quality that you paid for when you do business with us. A new garage door is affordable for every type of budget. In fact, if you have questions about a particular style of door, just ask as we want to help you find the right fit for you.