It went fine. They had to come out several times to get the house done just because they were not very thorough. Their price was good.

David Barber  B

It went good.

Darrin Williams  A

Everything went fine. They came out when they were suppose to. They got the garage door working again. Everything got fixed that is suppose to and they did a good job. It was probably 6 months ago, I didn’t deal with them, my wife did, As far as I can remember there was nothing negative about the experience. We would use them again in the future. My wife seem impressed with their knowledge about garage doors.

Vance Heisel  B

What bothered us though was that he suggested that we upgrade our springs and rollers and stuff, and the thing was that when we have upgraded our garage door for hurricane proof, they had no springs and rollers so we don’t need new springs and rollers. That made me think that I might not want to call them again. There was nothing wrong with what they did, it was just that it kind of upset me that they would do that. I expected people to be more honest. I’m sure the price was fine. They came when they said they would. I don’t think I would call them again. They certainly wouldn’t be the first people to call. I would probably call Precision that had upgraded the door for the hurricane. I’m not sure why we called them, I don’t remember.


It was fine. It was a good experience. You have to replace both springs even if one goes bad. I graded them a B because I didn’t find out about the spring part until they were actually there, that you have to replace both of them. Responsiveness was an A because it was done that day.

Russel Hammon  B

The door opened smoothly  not as noisy. Recommended new door which I agree I needed. Provided me with quote on site. I really appreciated this.

Darlene Hancock  A

Mark was very responsive;came the next day.The job entailed replacing everything except the actual garage door.Several Angies List coupons covered much of the job,giving us considerable savings.Mark was friendly,professional and generous with sharing knowledge regarding the care & function of the installation,too.We will gladly call him in the future-with or without coupons!!

Patricia Hirsch  A
the replacements where done in a professional manner even tho they to work around my pickup truck that was park in the garage

Kelly Dougherty  A

great professional and fast service

Wanda Bayer  A

I bought a tune-up on Angie’s List for $39 (value of $79). but that did not include any parts or repairs that might be needed. This was all made clear in the ad and on the phone before they arrived. But it was a bit more expensive in the end to fix it than I had anticipated. The technician who did it all was great and it was working well when he left. My only hesitation is that this was misleading to say $39 for a tune-up.  Still, I am very happy that the whole thing could be repaired to the place where it works pretty well again.

Randolph Richter  B

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