On time and very professional

Catherine Lynch  A

Having my garage door opener repaired was a 5 Star experience. Rich showed me that the rollers the door uses are still good. He demonstrated how he determined the springs were aging, thus requiring extra effort from the opener. I decided to replace the springs now rather than let the loose springs continue to put extra pressure on the opener. Rich of course also repaired the opener. He showed me where to apply silicone spray to the  the tracks and hinges so I can keep this old garage door assembly working as long as possible. 
Rich was clean, polite, and very professional. He made good eye contact with me. My dog wasn’t wary of him. I expect to call this company again as needed.

Karen Cohen  A

We just spent the $89 Angie’s List big deal. The service went fine. He found some other things that he suggested we do, and when we declined, he did not make an issue of it. I did not actually saw him. I was at work when he came. I cannot comment anything special.

Kent Akselsen  A

Richie is a very good worker and is very efficient.
He replaced the defective roller and did a quick tune up. I only paid for a service call.


It went well. He was very professional. He arrived on time and fixed my garage door that was not opening (replaced a part).

Julie Clippard  A

I am completely happy with the work, the association, the cleanliness of the serviceman, and his professional advice and recommendations.  Best experience I have had in a long time.
Thomas White

Thomas White  A

Richie made sure that I was happy with his service.  He arrived when within the time he said he would.

Very good service

One year later I call saying that the springs that were replaced were sagging.  I called to ask them to tighten up the slack and he told me he could not.  I understand that the quality of the springs were substandard and my be the norm in installation.  I was not happy with his answer.

Michelle Hamilton  C

He came out the same day I called to give me a quote and scheduled the installation very quickly. Showed up on time, was very professional. I was thoroughly happy with the job he did. We had gotten one other quote for the exact same door, and Bayside’s price was slightly less than the competitor’s.


Quick and simple.

Robert Swander  A

arrived promptly.  performed necessary services.  made good suggestions for future maintenance.

Barry Anderson  C

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