How To Troubleshoot the Top 5 Garage Door Issues

Problems with your garage door can be a real headache, but sometimes these issues are an easy fix. Unfortunately, some homeowners assume calling a garage door service means that expensive repairs are unavoidable, and they put off a simple correction until it grows into a much bigger (and more expensive) concern.

By educating yourself on common issues that occur over the lifespan of a garage door, you may be able to identify the root cause and solve it yourself, or get professional help quickly, before it becomes a larger issue.

Our team has put together the most common issues we see – know these top five garage door glitches that warrant a call to a garage door repair service.

Noisy Garage Door 

You may not realize your garage door is acting up until you notice a change in the noise level during operation. A loud, squeaky garage door may be a simple matter of lubricating the tracks, but a rubbing noise could indicate that track is misaligned.

Listen for new or unusual noises and call a service to address it.

Spring Into Action

What if your garage door suddenly slams shut or will not open? A broken torsion spring or extension spring could be the culprit. Springs do not last indefinitely, and if you have had your garage door for a decade or more, the possibility of one breaking may be expected.

Replacing springs can be tricky and hazardous, making this a job for a trained professional.

Garage Door Sensor Issue

Any garage door installed after the early ‘90s should have a sensor eye near the garage floor as a safety feature to prevent injury of the door closing on a person, car or other object. That eye alerts the garage door to reopen, but sometimes it can become misaligned or obstructed.

First, check to see if anything is in the path of the eye. Then see if it needs readjustment or cleaning, which you may be able to do on your own, however,  if the dilemma persists – it may be best left to a pro.

A Blocked Signal

A garage door transmitter is the main source of communication for remote operation. What if that component is not working or only connects intermittently? Again, this trouble could be as simple as an obstructed antenna or a dead battery, things you can fix yourself

If an antenna adjustment or battery replacement doesn’t do the trick, contact a garage door service to diagnose and treat the bigger problem.

Caught in a Trap

Every so often, you experience a power outage, leaving your car trapped inside the garage. Most door openers do have an emergency cord you can pull in this circumstance, and you should also be able to manually lock your door after you close it.

Be sure to unlock it again after the power comes back on.

Goodbye to Guesswork

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