Get a Return on Investment with These Garage Upgrades

You can increase your home’s curb appeal just by doing a few of these renovations to your garage and can even add equity to it! From do-it-yourself projects to professional services, you can get a return on investment with these garage upgrades. These are tried and true ways to add value to your house.

Install Storage Solutions

Smart storage space in a garage is one of the most highly sought-after features for homebuyers. There are numerous projects to add organization while increasing the aesthetics and value of a garage.

  •   Mounted hooks
  •   Adhesive panels
  •   Pegboards
  •   Assembled shelving
  •   Platform lifters

Improve Your Garage Flooring

Improving the floor will increase the durability and worth of your home. Several affordable, easy-to-install garage flooring options bring a good return on investment.

  •   Vinyl can be easily unrolled and added on top of existing flooring.
  •   Laminate comes in countless appearances, is durable, and is easy to install.
  •   Epoxy is straightforward to apply, protects garage floors from moisture, cracks, and stains, and can save money on home maintenance in the long run.
  •   Modular options like peel and stick tiles allow for customized, durable floor coverings.
  •   Concrete stains and sealants are cheap and uncomplicated protective coatings.

Paint Your Garage

Painting a garage is something a homeowner can easily do to increase the value of their property. Interior latex paint is a common choice for painting garage walls and ceilings. It has several advantages over oil-based paint.

  •   Latex is inexpensive.
  •   Latex-based paint is quick-drying.
  •   It can be thinned by water.
  •   There is negligible smell and vapor.
  •   There are environmentally safe options.

Adding a fresh coat of paint will increase a home’s market value by hundreds, even thousands of dollars. The right color can even supplement your home’s facade when the garage door is open.

Update Your Garage Door

Updating the garage door can increase the value of a house in several ways. Just making some repairs, to buying a new one, or simply investing in the latest garage door options can make a surprising difference.

  •   Security – Replacing broken springs, cables, and panels, and updating locks will protect your home from easily being broken into. Securing your garage door from any major breaks, will protect you and your family from potential injury.
  •   Curb Appeal – New garage door installations and trimming can complement your home’s style, adding that curb appeal everyone’s looking for.
  •   Energy Savings – Weatherstripping and garage door maintenance reduces utility costs, saving you money in the long run.
  •   Convenience – Smart features like keyless, remote entry, automatic opening for family, and safety sensors mean more protection and value to your home.

Some remodels are DIY. Others require help from professional contractors. Contact Bayside Garage Doors online or call (813) 433-7395 for a free quote to talk about your options! Whether it be repairs, installation or even garage door hurricane reinforcement, we’ve got you covered.