Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door in Florida

When homeowners consider the beautiful weather and stable climate of Florida, they likely don’t even consider installing an insulated garage door. After all, insulation is for places that experience cold weather– right?

Actually, while an insulated garage door is extremely beneficial for colder regions, it can also benefit homeowners in warmer climate zones as well.

There are at least four solid reasons why homeowners in Florida should very much consider an insulated garage door and we’ve put them together for you. 

  1. Cost-Savings

An insulated garage door will save you money on your utilities in the long run. The most significant benefit of having insulation is to balance the temperatures from the interior to the exterior of your home.

By installing an insulated garage door, you reduce the heat exchange rate from outside to inside, meaning that you save money on air conditioning. Your HVAC or AC system doesn’t need to work hard to maintain the cooling loss to the garage because the room maintains a more constant temperature. 

  1. Durability

You will inevitably save money on garage door replacements because insulated doors tend to last longer. Damage to garage doors often comes from exposure to heat and sun exposure, but when a door is insulated, it can better distribute the heat from such exposure- meaning that it lasts longer than an uninsulated door.

Also, the thickness of the door is greater, making it less susceptible to dings and dents from impacts – especially during Florida’s hurricane season. 

  1. Silence

Florida winds can be a bit of a nuisance and any homeowner likely understands how annoying a garage door rattle can be during significant wind events.

Insulated doors can help to reduce or eliminate that pesky noise because they are heavier and thicker. Also, the insulation can act as a soundproofing barrier for external noises.

  1. Protection

An insulated garage door offers superior protection for the items kept within the garage.

The Florida heat and high levels of humidity can wreak havoc on items like vehicles, chemicals, paints and other items stored in your garage for safekeeping, but an insulated door balances the temperature in your garage, keeping things stable.

While an insulated garage door may seem unnecessary in the Florida heat, it is necessary to remember that insulation is not just meant as protection from the cold. These doors provide significant benefits when discussing costs, durability, noise-control and protection. Even in Florida, temperature control is essential, especially to sensitive items that may be stored in your garage.

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