5 Sure Signs That Your Garage Door is Broken

When you think about it, your garage door may get more use than your front door, as many homeowners use their garage as their main point of entry. You probably don’t even think about your garage door until it doesn’t open when you need it. Here are some things to check for if your garage door isn’t operating.

1. Garage Door Only Opens a Few Inches   

If the garage door wants to open but won’t go more than about six inches up, it’s probably something to do with the sensors. This is a safety feature that prevents more damage to the garage door or opener. The sensors may simply need to be cleaned or replaced. Another reason the door won’t open very far is that the springs are broken.

2. Check the Cables

If you see that the cables are disconnected from the door or caught in the jamb, you may also have a broken garage door spring. If the door is closed, don’t try to open it or override the automatic opener, as you could cause more damage. If the door is open, don’t try to close it on your own. The door could fall quickly. Prop it open with something sturdy or get some friends to help you close it until you can get a professional repair technician.

3. You Hear a Loud Noise in the Garage

The most common issue with garage doors is that the spring breaks or wears out. Although the spring should last about 10,000 rotations of the door, if you go in and out 3 times a day, you’ll reach that number in about 5 years. When the spring does break, you will hear the coils coming undone which creates a very loud noise, almost like a gunshot. It’s due to the amount of tension and energy in the coil. If you aren’t home, you may still notice the damage to the spring itself when you do notice that the garage door isn’t working.

4. The Door Falls Faster When It’s Going Down

A broken spring makes the weight of the garage door unbalanced, which causes it to fall quicker than usual. It can be tempting to ignore this problem since the garage door is technically working. You should contact a repair technician to get it repaired to avoid damage to your car, your garage and your pets or family.

5. The Garage Door Is Bent

If you notice that the garage door itself is bent, it’s probably a problem in the springs as well. Too much force was used in opening the garage door. You may need to check the circuit board or check the connections.

A broken garage door can put you and your family in danger, so you want to make sure that the door is fixed correctly and safely.

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