5 Strategies for Preparing Your Garage for a Garage Sale

Garage sales are part of the American fabric. Who hasn’t seen those homemade signs stapled up to telephone poles, advertising garage sales for the upcoming weekend? If you’re like us, you get pretty psyched because these events become little treasure hunts right in the neighborhood. However, garage sales can be tedious affairs for the sellers. If you’re planning a garage sale, there are things you can do to make the experience more fun than laborious.

1. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Often, the best-laid plans fall by the wayside because of poor time management. Planning a garage sale means figuring out what you want to part with, how to stage and price it and how to make your garage an inviting space. Though it takes just a few words to describe, it can take hours to get it done. Keep this into consideration, and give yourself plenty of preparation time.

2. Create and Collate an Inventory

Having a precise understanding of your merchandise can help you out when a customer asks for something while they’re browsing. You could take pictures of each item you plan to sell or create a spreadsheet. You certainly want to examine items to ensure quality control. Those old hockey sticks in the corner might be able to fetch a few dollars unless they are broken.

3. Make Your Space Inviting

Cleaning and organizing your garage is tantamount to letting people know that you’re ready for business. Clutter should be removed and the floors should be swept. Though your garage isn’t the Sistine Chapel, it shouldn’t be messy or dirty. You might also consider setting up the means to play some soft music or hanging a sign with an inspirational or otherwise memorable quote.

4. Employ Signage

Taking the time to create signs that indicate where particular things are will help your customers to get their bearings and keep traffic flowing. Even though bartering is a time-honored tradition in the garage sale scenario, you don’t want people wondering about pricing when you can simply post it.

5. Visualize the Store Scenario

When setting up tables and such, it’s a good idea to consider how you want the traffic to flow. You want to avoid having people bumping into each other. Arranging the layout ahead of time can help you visualize things like, how the customers access the scene and where to place the payment table.

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