5 Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Most homeowners rely on their garage doors to function properly day in and day out, without giving much thought to maintenance. With regular wear and tear comes the need for garage door repair or replacement, but most people don’t realize they are at that point until they can’t get the door to open.

Are there any warning signs to give you a heads up? We’ve put together five reasons that can explain why your garage door isn’t functioning properly.

  1. A Remote Possibility

Problems with your remote opener may be something as simple as needing new batteries – but it could also be an issue with your antenna. If the antenna is misaligned or broken, you may need to schedule garage door services to see if it can be fixed.

  1. Off the Rails

Speaking of misaligned, your door tracks can also be the culprit for a poorly functioning garage door. With time, the tracks can become warped or bent, and when that happens, you can forget about opening your door. It could refuse to budge or even come off the tracks.

  1. Get in Gear

Hear a loud humming noise? As with any machinery, the gears for your garage opener can wear out until they finally give up. You may be able to repair them depending on the age of your opener, but keep in mind that a new system may need to be installed.

  1. Spring Into Action

One of the most common causes of garage door repair needs is a problem with the torsion or extension springs. These springs help lift the door, but unfortunately they do have a life span.

If you hear a loud pop, it’s most likely the springs. You may be able to have those springs replaced, but you should not attempt to do it on your own as it can be very dangerous.

  1. Snap to It

Perhaps even more dangerous than a broken torsion or extension spring is a snapped cable. A cable can break on its own or in conjunction with a spring failure. When it does, this can cause the garage door to abruptly fall to the ground, taking out anything in its path. This can be a major job and something best left to garage door professionals

If you suspect it’s time for garage door installation or repair due to a broken door, contact Bayside Garage Doors. We offer same-day repairs as well as other services to keep your family safe and your garage doors in good working order. Contact us online or call (813) 433-7395.