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10 Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Have you ever seen a horror movie where the killer succeeds because someone’s garage door won’t open in time?

Probably not. Although it’s not as exciting as fumbling to start a car or unlock a door, coming home to a garage that won’t open can be a real nightmare.

If you’re scratching your head because your garage door won’t cooperate, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through the top 10 reasons why your garage door won’t open.

My Garage Door Won’t Open

There are many reasons why you could be having problems with your garage door. All of these issues boil down to a few simple causes: an obstruction, a technical issue, or old equipment.

Let’s look closer at some specific problems.

1. The Photo Eye

The photo-eye is the tiny sensor on each side of your garage door. It should be a few inches off the ground. If you look closely, you should see a bright red dot on each eye.

These two sensors project across the door to make sure that the door never shuts on top of any object or person. It’s a great safety feature, but it can get misaligned.

It’s possible that an object knocked into one of the sensors so that the light beams are disconnected. If that’s the case, then you need to adjust the photo-eye until you re-establish a connection.

Bad weather can also cause a lot of damage to your garage. If your sensors sustained any water damage, that could disrupt the circuit.

2. Broken Cables or Springs

Your garage door relies on a few different cables and springs to open and close it smoothly. When something breaks, you’ll definitely be able to hear it. The moment it snaps, it will make a loud boom.

If your garage door only opens halfway, this usually means that a spring is broken. Although you can easily fix some other issues on this list yourself, replacing broken cables and springs is a job where you should seek professional help.

3. Remote and Sensor

There could be many different issues coming from your remote control or the remote sensor.

First, make sure that you’re using the remote within the range where it can open the door. If you’re close enough and it still won’t open, check the batteries to see if they need replacing.

Your remote sensor may also be damaged. Take a look at your motor and find the wire dangling in front of it. If there is any fraying, it needs to be replaced.

If you’re still in a pickle, you can try reprogramming your remote. It’s possible that the remote and sensor are simply out of sync.

4. Getting Off Track

Your garage door slides along a metal track so that it can open and close quietly. If your garage door doesn’t open all the way, it may be because of an alignment problem.

Inspect the metal track to look for any bending or damage. The tracks need to be in perfect condition for the door to function. If you notice that your garage door opens slowly or if there are any grinding noises, you should get your alignment fixed immediately.

5. Locked Out

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the garage. We can accidentally lock ourselves out without knowing it!

If you can hear the motor running when you try to open the garage, check to see if a bar or another locking mechanism is in place. You can remove the lock, and the door should be free to move now.

If you use a keypad, that could also be your problem. Most keypads come with a lock mode or vacation mode that disables the garage door. Take a look at your keypad to make sure your door didn’t get locked.

6. Keypad

Other things can go wrong with your keypad beside accidentally locking the door.

If your remote isn’t what’s out of sync, then your keypad could be to blame. A simple reset could be all you need to get your door open again. Having the most up-to-date technology will ensure that your home is the safest it can be.

7. Electric

Since you need electricity to open your garage door, there are a few things that could be wrong.

The most obvious problem is if your outlet is blown. The easiest way to check if the power source your garage door uses is disrupted is by plugging something else into the outlet. If it doesn’t work, it needs to be replaced.

Other problems include frayed wires, water damage, and accidentally unplugging the power source. If the problem isn’t obvious, you should definitely get a professional to inspect your garage door.

8. Wear and Tear

Just like any other appliances you own, the mechanisms that open your garage door can get worn down with age. Getting proper replacements should be all you need to get your garage door functioning again.

9. “Disconnect” On

In case you didn’t know, every garage door comes with a lot of safety mechanisms. Whether it’s a knob, button, or switch, your door has the option to shut off the automatic opening. This feature is useful for when there are power outages when you’d need to open the door manually.

This is an easy fix! All you need to do is look for the disconnect feature your door uses and switch it back to automatic.

10. Obstacles

Garages can sometimes be people’s storage units. If your garage is packed with all kinds of stuff, something might accidentally get knocked over. If an object is blocking the photo eye sensors, then the garage door will not open.

Did you know that the sensors are so powerful that even dust can disrupt them? If you don’t notice any object in the way, try giving the photo-eye a nice wipe down.

Need More Help?

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