Everything went well. One of the springs broke and couldn’t get the car out on Sunday morning. They came out immediately and fixed everything within an hour. Answered all the questions I had. Very professional.

Tony Hsieh A

They installed a garage door for me. It worked a week and they had to come back and put in the thing up there that lifts it up and down, the garage door opener. Both of those were through Angie’s List. It was good; I’d give them an A. I’m happy with it. Their responsiveness was fast. For punctuality, there was a little misunderstanding on that. I understood him to say one time and he said that he said another time, so it wasn’t that late, it was within an hour. He was good.

Nora Lay A

Great. Competitive pricing and excellent customer service and work.

Kathryn Stempora  A

Smooth and professional. And he lubed all the bearings at no extra charge.

Terrance Lanning  A

Everything went well: the serviceman was friendly, knowledgeable, honest, and quick. No B.S. here! Because we felt quite confident with him, we had no qualms about spending more money than we had initially intended to spend. We went ahead and had him do the install that was supposed to be put off for a few months. This was an all-around pleasant and profitable experience.

Leslie Johnson  A

They fixed it quickly and expertly.

David Wells  A

The job was completed but took 3 weeks. They offer you a cash price for the service and if you don’t take it, they charge you a $45 service fee. If you call them back to do the work, they pull the cash price from the table and they won’t offer a discount of $45 for the original fee you have already paid them.

milton fernandez  C


edward brown  A

Replaced broken garage door springs. Prompt and professional.

Lynn Adamczyk  A

Spring broke on garage door. Wife’s car stuck in the garage with door not working. Came out within an hour of calling. Richie was very professional. Excellent service and able to quote price over the phone.

greg greskowiak  A

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