It was good.

Brian Inman  A

He was very professional and prompt.


The job went well and was finished in an hour to an hour and a half.

Jeanne DeVita  A

He was very professional and did the work for a fair price.

Salvadore Kass  A

I had the $89.00 “Big Deal” to replace the metal rollers on my garage door with the quieter neoprene rollers that they said would make a difference with the noisy garage door.   Richie was the tech that came out and I told him that my door was working fine and all I wanted was to replace the rollers.  So often these deals are just a way for a company to try to sell you something else once they arrive.  Ritchie said that the springs on the garage door weren’t the correct size.  I told him the springs had been replaced a few years ago and the door seemed to be working fine.  He didn’t think it was balanced and needed new springs.
I reluctantly let him replace the springs and I can’t tell any difference in the way the door works.   The worst part is that the door isn’t any quieter with the neoprene rollers.  Even Ritchie couldn’t tell the difference in the noise.  So to sum it up.  My original “Big Deal” for $89.00 to have a quieter garage door, cost me $356.50 and I still have a noisy door that works just the way it did.   I hesitated to write this review, but Angie’s List sent me several emails and even a phone call to find out how it went.   If they don’t get accurate reviews, it isn’t much benefit to belong to Angie’s List so I think it’s important to respond.

Pam Clauer  C

I purchased a Big Deal from Angie’s list and was contacted by a company representative to schedule an appointment.  My schedule didn’t allow me to schedule an appointment at that time.  Later, I called the company and scheduled an appointment.  The technician followed up to confirm the appointment the day before service was scheduled. Richard (the technician) arrived on time and we discussed the problems:  garage door made a lot of noise and sort of jiggled as it went up and down.  Richard explained that the rollers should be replaced but that probably wouldn’t fix the problems. After replacing the rollers, Richard reviewed some options to further improve the operation of the garage doors.  We agreed to replace the pulleys at additional fee of
$147.50.  He installed new pulleys and, Woo Hoo!, the door operations were significantly improved. Richard was very thorough and professional.  Excellent job.


Great, reduced the noice the door was making by at least 50%.

Michael Derrick  A

Right on time and very professional.  He left the work area clean.  He did not roll his eyes when I asked questions, but answered them in a polite and professional matter.  I would definitely use them again.

Catherine Lynch  A

Did a great job.

K S Wright  A

We used a special from Angie’s List.  They did an excellent job and they did it quickly.  Our garage door is so quiet now; we love it.  We have two garage doors but we don’t use the other one very often.  I wish we had done both the doors at the same time.  We’re just waiting for another special.  Because we used a special, the price was an A.

Karen DePagter  A

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